Juliette shines… in Tuscany!

Magnificent landscapes … and a delicious kitchen. Juliette feels at home here in Tuscany. Your holiday starts here!

Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca are some of the famous beautiful cities of the Italian province of Tuscany. Enjoy the culture, nature and the famous Italian cuisine.

On the beach, sea and the Tuscan hills and cypresses. Walking along the beach and shops or to the nice restaurants on the coast.

Viareggio is a most popular destination on the coast at Versilia and is called the pearl of Versilia. The grand hotels, villas and cafes are characterized by an Art Nouveau architectural style and the harbor looks like a shop window for expensive yachts. Viareggio is mainly visited by Italians. City residents from Milano and Firenze spend their beach holidays here.

Viareggio, with a beautiful promenade with many shops, restaurants and benches and with a mile and a half of beach in town alone! A place to enjoy real Italian ice cream and other delicacies in the evening.

Unbeatable beaches
In the middle of the city, next to the harbor and at a nature reserve you will find unsurpassed beaches. Kilometers of sandy beach and sea! Wonderful to relax, swim and laze. As Italians also do there, immediately after work an hour to the beach and then to the pasta of la mamma.

Are you going with Juliette?

The campsite
Juliette has found a particularly beautiful and comfortable campsite that fully meets its high quality standards.

-Camping Paradiso 
Viareggio – Tuscany, Italy