Juliette enjoys the hospitality in Oost-Brabant!

This region, which borders the extensive De Peel nature reserve, has long been a tourist attraction. The area has a lot to offer. The characteristic Brabant hospitality, but also the beautiful nature, the various recreation & sporting activities, culture & history and of course good food & drinks!

Discover the Brabant cities, regions, villages and nature. Do not forget the Bosche Bollen! Surprising, innovative, historic, eye-catching, soothing, hip and always cozy! Jeroen Bosch went through the country drumming! These are the Brabant cities, regions and villages.

The campsite
Discover these pearls and plan 3 days / week or longer to this wonderful campsite. Romantic with the two of you, with friends or just go with the whole family! You will receive a warm welcome anyway. Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda. Enjoy art, culture, design, nature, shops and delicious food. But also for nature and outdoor, recreation and relaxation and sports, this campsite is the ideal place!

-Holiday park de Bergen 
Wanroij – Oost-Brabant – The Netherlands