Juliette enjoys the hospitality in Noord-Brabant!

Looking for excitement, dynamics and conviviality or just relax and relax? Do you choose a weekend full of romance? With Juliette you can!

Cycling over Van Gogh’s starry cycle path with a star dinner as a highlight. Quality time with the family? Enjoy a day of screaming and screaming in the roller coaster and finish in a luxuriously furnished Tent. As a music lover visiting a festival? Want to spend a day shopping and enjoying design with friends? Experience it, enjoy it and join. In every season, on every holiday;

Noord-Brabant has it all. The best events, the best attractions, the most beautiful museums, beautiful nature and the most hospitable inhabitants.

Discover the Brabant cities, regions, villages and nature. Do not forget the Bosche Bollen! Surprising, innovative, historic, eye-catching, soothing, hip and always cozy! Jeroen Bosch went through the country drumming! These are the Brabant cities, regions and villages.

The campsite
Discover these pearls and plan 3 days / week or longer to these wonderful campsites. Romantic with the two of you, with friends or just go with the whole family! You will receive a warm welcome anyway. Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda. Enjoy art, culture, design, nature, shops and delicious food. But also for nature and outdoor, recreation and relaxation and sport, this campsite is the ideal place!

-Camping de Kienehoef  
Sint-Oedenrode – Noord-Brabant – The Netherlands