Juliette is swimming … in Lake Lugano!

What a beautiful landscape … and a delicious kitchen. Here in the north of Italy, Lombardy, Juliette feels completely at home. Your holiday starts here!

Italy and Switzerland
The beautiful Lake Lugano is a party for water sports enthusiasts. Here Juliette likes to go! Especially in the spring because then there is also a lot of fishing. Lake Lugano may not be the most famous lake in Italy. This certainly does not mean that it is less beautiful than the more famous lakes in Italy. The lake is named after the town of Lugano in Switzerland. The lake is located in both Italy and Switzerland.

The lake is a source for lots of water fun and especially the water sports enthusiasts among us. The area is also ideal for walks and bike rides. Be sure to visit the beautiful city of Lugano in Switzerland or visit the famous market in Luino!

There are several museums here. Or take a walk along the Olives Route, beautiful! You receive this route information for free at the reception. Are you going with Juliette?

The camping
Juliette has found a particularly beautiful and comfortable campsite that fully meets its high quality standards.

-Camping International  
Porlezza – Lugano lake, Italy