Along the Loire river, French earls, dukes, kings and queens have built a wide range of castles. They were among the first to see the beauty of this area. Now it is your turn to discover this beauty. Juliette would like to take you along with her!

Maine-et-Loire or… Anjou?

The names of the provinces of the region Pays de la Loire can be quite confusing. The region consists of five provinces. The Vendée, with its  beautiful coast, and Maine-et-Loire are the two best known provinces. The French, however, prefer to use the historical names and would therefore welcome you in ‘’Anjou’’ rather than in ‘’Maine-et-Loire’’: the department where Juliette has found you a well-organized, pleasant campsite. What characterizes the Anjou most is the longest river of France, which crosses through the province from east to west: the Loire. An exciting river with a length of 1012 kilometres. Did you know that UNESCO added this river to its list of World Heritage Sites?

Every day something different

On the shores of this river you can find many impressive buildings: from castles, bridges and country houses to charming chapels. The Anjou is endowed with the most beautiful constructions, which gives Juliette only more reason to fall in love with the region. What do you think of the countless caves? Underground houses that nowadays serve as wine-cellars or mushroom farms. There are also many walking- and cycling lanes in the immediate vicinity. Or beautiful gardens where you can enjoy a glass of Rosé d’Anjou. You could also choose to visit one of the historical medieval cities. Or would you rather spend your time doing water sports? No problem. Or… Juliette will leave it at that, there are just too many things to do in this region!


Yet one more reason. What makes the Anjou such an appealing place, is its sunny hours per month. The region has an unexpected soft climate. The wind, coming from the Atlantic Ocean, blows the clouds away so that you can fully enjoy the sun. Juliette is in love with everything the Anjou has to offer. And secretly, she dreams of a life as a princess in one of the castles…

The campsite
Juliette has found you a well-organized and pleasant family campsite at walking distance of a historical city.

Campsite Les Voiles d’Anjou  
Les Rosiers-sur-Loire – Loire (Anjou)