Ihr Ferienziel

The destinations are specially selected locations where you are the guest and where everything is done to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The campsites are clean and well taken care of, the vicinity is ‘’naturally’’ breathtaking and there is enough to do for every member of the family.

All the French campsites are within 500 miles from Cherbourg or Calais and are therefore easily accessible within one day by car. At every campsite is English speaking person present. If you, however, want to practice your French, this is of course no problem!

Our campsites in Italy are located 980 and 1300 km from Calais and are easily accessible by car. You can make a possible stopover in cozy Luino, near Varese. Hotel Hi-luino Internazionale is a small family hotel right in the center of Luino, Giorgio, a real Italian will be happy to receive you! On the campsites in Italy you can speak Dutch, English or Italian.

The Netherlands
Juliette has also several beautiful destinations in the Netherlands for you as well. What do you think of a holiday near the coast of Zeeland or at a holiday park in the exciting city of Delft?



Juliette schäumt vor Energie in der Bretagne!


Juliette entführt Sie in die Dordogne!


Juliette geniesst…. das Limousin!


Juliette steht in… die Auvergne!



Juliette glänzt… in der Toskana!

Camping at the coast of Tuscany!

Die Niederlande


Juliette genießt das aktive Drenthe!


Juliette bleibt in Overijssel an der deutschen Grenze!


Juliette genießt die Gastfreundschaft von Noord-Brabant


Juliette genießt die Gastfreundschaft von Ost-Brabant