Your Bungalow Tent

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Juliette’s holiday tents are truly unique. You will stay in a spacious bungalow tent with a stylish interior. The inventory is not only complete, but also of a high quality, advised and mainly provided by a great Swedish furniture centre. The tent is suitable for a maximum of 5 people. Juliette makes camping comfortable.Uw luxe bungalowtent van Juliette Tentvakanties

Your bungalow tent has been carefully designed by Juliette and represents a high European quality. The colours will give you a warm and summery feeling. Beside all of this, Juliette has also carefully paid attention to your safety.

The surface area of your frame tent is 5,50 x 5,20 meter (28,6 m2), which is rather spacious. You will have three large sleeping compartments at your disposal and an unprecedented big living area of 16 m2. An ocean of space! And in front of the bungalow tent there is even a veranda on which you can relax during your holiday.

Either the tiled floor or the plank flooring, on which your bungalow tent is based, makes sure that the floor is even. This will enlarge your comfort. For during the night, Juliette has chosen a comfortable bed of excellent quality. In your bungalow tent you will find a real boxspingbed of 1,40 x 2,00 meter in which you will sleep soundly. The other beds are single beds with equally comfortable mattresses.

Juliette has thought about everything for you. A saucepan, a cooker, a refrigerator with a freezing compartment… your frame tent will be complete upon arriving. You only have to bring your own quilts, sheets, pillows and towels.

TIP! Especially in the beginning and at the end of the season the nights can be quite cool. Make sure to bring some extra blankets!
The complete inventory

  • kitchen storage
  • cooking equipment
  • fridge with freezer compartment
  • mug for small children
  • bowl for small children
  • plate for small childen
  • cutlery for small children
  • serving bowls
  • ashtray
  • vacuum flask
  • kettle
  • coffee machine
  • mugs
  • tea glasses
  • bread basket
  • place mats
  • garlic press
  • plates
  • frying pan
  • saucepan
  • cookware set
  • kitchen utensil set
  • serving spoons
  • whisk
  • corkscrew
  • can opener
  • grater
  • cheese slicer
  • bowls
  • kitchen knives
  • cutlery
  • teapot
  • chopping board
  • trivet
  • colander
  • nutcracker
  • measuring jug
  • tray
  • food container
  • (wine-)glasses
  • beer glasses
  • scissor
  • pizza cutter
  • peeler
  • measuring cup
  • tin opener
  • pan coasters


  • 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • Sleeps 5 p.
  • Double bed frame and mattress
  • 3 x single bed and mattresses
  • table with night light


  • table and 3 chairs
  • stool
  • table and chairs outdoor
  • parasol
  • electric light


  • fire protection blanket
  • continental socket
  • hanger
  • jerry can
  • drying rack
  • peg basket with clothes pegs
  • door mat


  • bin
  • broom
  • dustpan and brush
  • bucket
  • washing up bowl
  • dish drainer