Juliette enjoys… the Limousin!

Horseback riding, golf, biking, fishing, kayaking … the sports lover in you will feel right at home here! However, Limousin has much more to offer than just outdoor activities! Culture plays an important part here, with all sorts of museums, contemporary art centres, concert halls and many exciting festivals. Just take your pick!

Discover sunny Corrèze, in southern Limousin! Visit Creuse, and fall in love with its landscapes! Come to Haute-Vienne and learn all about our region’s know-how! In Limousin, food is an art of living with an abundance of top quality ingredients : meat (the famous Limousin beef, veal, lamb, pork…), apples (France’s only “AOP” label apples), berries, walnuts, chestnuts…can all be found on our local markets, farms and in our restaurants.

Southern Limousin: Corrèze

In Corrèze, from Treignac to Bort-les-Orgues, from Pompadour and its national stud farm to Tulle the world’s accordion capital, discover several of France’s Prettiest Villages (“plus beaux villages de France”), the river Dordogne and its gabare boats, the sweetness of life in the town of Brive la Gaillarde. Corrèze is located in southern Limousin, and is partly covered by the Millevaches Regional Nature Park.  Its total surface is 5 857 sq. km.

Corrèze has several different landscapes such as moorland, gorges, valleys as well as forests.  Guests immediately feel at peace with nature when visiting the area. Tulle, Brive-la-Gaillarde and Ussel, are three of Corrèze’s main towns. Be sure to visit their city centres!

It comes as no surprise that five of France’s Prettiest Villages ”plus beaux villages de France”  (Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemonte, Saint-Robert, Ségur-le-Château and Turenne) are located in Corrèze.

Or discover Creuse

Aubusson, the world’s tapestry capital (Aubusson tapestry is registered on UNESCO’s world heritage list), Bourganeuf, one of France’s first towns to have used hydroelectricity, Guéret and its wolf park, Boussac and its famous castle, Crozant and the Impressionist painters’ valley… Creuse has so much to offer and is just waiting to be unveiled!  5 500 sq. km and 23 inhabitants per sqaure kilometre… in Creuse, the word “space” defintely takes on its full meaning!

If its a sense of freedom you are looking for, Creuse and its delightful landscapes, valleys and plateaus are the perfect holiday spot for you!

Admire the landscapes which inspired famous Impressionist painters artists Claude Monet and George Sand.

A paradise for nature fans

Limousin is a water wonderland : thousands of streams run throughout the region. Its pure, clear water is one of Limousin’s main assets. Steep valleys, picturesque villages, peat bogs, moorland, bucolic pathways and hills peacefully… a kaleidosope of landscapes to discover! Nature fans, be prepared to fall in love with the treasures Limousin has to offer !

The campsites

Juliette found two beautiful and very comfortable campsites for you which fully meets its high demands: Château campsite Domaine de Mialaret (Corrèze) and Petit-XL campsite La Perle (Creuse).

-Campsite Domaine de Mialaret   
Limousin – Corrèze
Campsite La Perle
Limousin – Creuse

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