Where has Juliette just arrived? The atmosphere is different, the language is different. Is this even France? Welcome to Breizh, also known as Brittany. The beautiful peninsula in the northwest of France where the proud Breton people wish you luck with discovering this amazing area. It is here where Juliette renews her energy! Why stay home when you could also be in Brittany?

The peninsula Brittany – defined by the English Channel in the North and the Atlantic Ocean in the South – contains over 1050 miles of coast. Cliffs alternate with sandy beaches.  The region Britanny consists out of four departments: Côtes-d’Amor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. The medieval city of Rennes is its capital.

The culture of the Celts is still considerably present in Brittany. It makes Brittany so delightfully different. When you attend a traditional feast or festival, you will relive the past of the country. The picturesque villages and characteristic cities will only strengthen this feeling. And what about the portal tombs, the dolmen? There is a great chance you will discover one during your stay in Brittany. If not, you will definitely see one of the many lighthouses, shining their lights on the beautiful sea to warn sailors.

Surprisingly different

Even though Brittany is situated fairly in the north of the country – it does not always rain, as some think. A scattered shower is not unheard of, but due to the mild maritime climate, summers are soft and moderately warm. Lovely, right? This is one of the many aspects that makes Brittany surprisingly different.

Of all things, Juliette is probably most astonished by the Breton cuisine. Not surprisingly, the most tasteful dishes are those coming out of the sea. Lobster, a Plateau de Fruits de Mer, oysters and mussels directly out of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel… delicious! Or what do you think of delicious fish, freshly caught in the sea. Juliette’s mouth already starts watering…seafood

Brittany is surprisingly different. Brittany will let you burst with energy. Culture and nature are closely woven together so you can enjoy the many activities and possibilities Brittany has to give.

Are you coming with Juliette to Brittany?

The campsite

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La Chapelle aux Filtzméens – Brittany